What is Biashara.Now?

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What is Biashara.Now?

Biashara.Now is an online platform and a service provided by Invest in Africa (IIA), that convenes entrepreneurs and business leaders of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to access opportunities for skills development, market and finance linkages, provided through IIA’s partnership with corporates who share the interest of prospering the economy through enterprise development.

What are the services provided by Biashara.Now platform?

Through the Biashara.Now platform, member SMEs can access the following:Tenders’ opportunities for supply and provision of good and services required by IIA buyer partners.Learning and skills development opportunities to grow the business, provided through IIA SME capacity building programs and an online library dubbed Biashara Academy.Business to business networking through interaction in an online business community dubbed Biashara Network. Linkage to financial opportunities provided through IIA partnership with investors and financial institutions.

How can I become a member of Biashara.Now?
  1. Complete a detailed online form on BiasharaNow.com and provide the following important documents outlined by the form:
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Tax compliance
    • County Trading License
    • CR 12 lette
  2. Undergo a vetting process to satisfy our requirements of good standing and integrity.

Eligible companies will be verified and positioned as qualified suppliers who meet the procurement criteria of the buyer partners. They will also be categorized according to their propositions and industries, for effective and targeted sourcing and capacity building. Aspiring and potential members are expected to be truthful as they provide information during the registration process and must only upload true copies of the above required documents.

What else do I need to know?

Biashara.Now is a credible platform and IIA encourages member SMEs to apply and maintain high level of integrity while onboarding and navigating the platform. IIA and its partners do not condone corruption and are committed to upholding ethical code of conduct.


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