The PAYE employer's guide is used to give a direction on how PAYE should be deducted from employees salaries.

Due to their significant role in creation of new jobs, rise in GDP, entrepreneurship and innovation, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are recognized as the drivers of socio-economic growth, both in developed and developing economies.  Small and medium-sized companies are faced with a number of challenges whereas the problems arising from “poor financial management” are reported as the major causes of business failures in SMEs.

Many people who start to run a business do not engage themselves in financial matters. The reason may be because they do not have enough knowledge or interest in recording transactions, preparation and analysis of financial statements and secondary they are extremely involved in other aspects of business like managing people, sales purchasing and production. These entrepreneurs rely on their accountants to run the financial side of their business.

Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) is one of the crucial documents required when applying for a Government Tender. For AGPO applicants, you must have a tax compliance certificate in order to get approval by AGPO to apply for the 30% government tenders preserved for youth, women and person with disabilities. AGPO(Access To Government Procurement Opportunities).

A credit reference bureau is a company licenced by central bank of Kenya to collect, store and collate credit information on individuals and companies from different sources and provide the information in form of a credit report upon the request of a lender.

Maybe it's to stock up on inventory for your busy season, finance a business expansion, or just to cover regular, recurring expenses.

Good financial management is critical to the success of any business, but it is particularly important in small to medium enterprises (SMEs) where the risk of insolvency is often little more than an unpaid invoice away.

Often it is seen that functions such as production, labour management, and marketing receive their due attention from business owners. Accounting, however, is left to the accountants, who understand it better.
This leaves the critical and strategic Financial Management function largely ignored.

Most of these problems are due to revenue and cash-on-hand availability when the bills come due. But confronting these obstacles before they become a headache can help you to prevent them from becoming a major issue for your company.

The Government offers funding opportunities to the Kenyan Entrepreneurs through various organizations that are listed in this document.

This video is a guide to how PAYE should be deducted from employee salaries.


The video shows how employee PAYE should be deducted.


This video shows how employee PAYE should be deducted.


Some of the small and medium enterprises are diffident to employ new staff members even when they are needed for the growth of the business simply because they will have additional pain of managing their payroll systems.

Business consultants have long advocated outsourcing non-core functions. Though essential to business, administrative and back-office activities such as payroll are non-core functions. Such functions are better off being outsourced rather than killing your valuable time while costing you considerably.

Dealing with accounting deadlines and employee returns is much less stressful when you know what you need to action well in advance.

Good pricing strategy helps you determine the price point at which you can maximize profits on sales of your products or services.