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Biashara.Now Mobile application launch: Country Manager keynote address

Invest in Africa (IIA) exists to prosper the economy through an MSME-focused approach

We believe that MSMEs are the catalyst for the social and economic development of the country, and we are passionate about shaping the next generation of home-grown global companies.

We have continued to put in place needs-specific initiatives to empower the local economy and create sustainable jobs by improving access to skills, markets, and ļ¬nance for MSMEs.

One of our core initiatives to grow local MSMEs into sustainable and developed enterprises is the Biashara.Now platform. The platform convenes entrepreneurs, business leaders of local enterprises, and industry experts to access business growth opportunities through our network leadership and coordination capacity.

Through needs assessment, we have established the technology savvy gap limiting the platform members from fully optimizing the capability of the platform. This invention necessitated the need for a simple gateway into the platform; the Biashara.Now mobile application.

We have continued to augment our efficiency as an organization to deliver more impact to MSMEs, especially through vibrant network coordination and engagement. The Biashara.Now mobile application marks a remarkable milestone in our efforts to mainstream the network approach and optimize impact.

The mobile application has been tailored to enhance engagement on the Biashara.Now platform. Network members can easily and comfortably access opportunities for finance and market linkages and access bespoke practical business guides through their mobile phones.

The Biashara.Now aligns with the fact that people have recently become more connected to their mobile phones and consequently want to get services and transact through easy-to-access online provisions. Through the new mobile application, members can connect and attend exclusive business events.

This session for the official launch of the mobile application will demonstrate our commitment to a collective initiative in empowering business and industry linkages to bolster enterprise growth.

Kindly download the mobile application to unlock exclusive opportunities for your business and drive it to the next phase of growth. 


Terry Kinyua,

Country Manager, Invest in Africa - Kenya