October 08, 2019


“Among other values, we focus on, listening to our customers, understanding their challenges and providing valuable solutions that suits their needs. That’s why we have stood out, since 2014, as one of the leading manufactures of pre-mixed concrete in Nairobi Kenya.” – George Muturi, commercial manager at Rhombus

The need for infrastructure in Africa has led into tremendous development of the construction industry. This development include demand for quality and specified construction materials. To curb delays in project completion and in some cases, collapse of building, which has led to lose of many lives and property over the years, there is need for quality premixed concrete, which the traditional on- site mixing has not been able to offer.

This has led to a demand for the supply of ready- mixed concrete, which also helps improve the construction site activities. With enough sensitization and awareness, the benefits of the supply of ready- mixed concrete over the traditional on- site concrete mixing are very obvious, including prevention of wastage of the construction materials.

Rhombus Concrete Limited, a reliable supplier of quality premixed concrete is a timely solution to this demand. Located in Nairobi, it guarantees convenience and quality reliable service in the construction process.

This week IIA-Kenya had a conversation with George Muturi, commercial manager at Rhombus, to understand what has made Rhombus a reliable supplier of premixed concrete in Nairobi and his environs. Rhombus is one of the homegrown companies in Kenya who have partnered with Invest in Africa through Biashara.Now platform to offer timely construction solution to the contactors and construction firms in the platform. The company, which specializes in the processing and supply of ready mixed concrete, was founded in 2014 and

since then, it has outstood in the manufacturing and supply of premixed concrete in Nairobi and its environs. Muturi says that, they are well equipped with pre-mixed concrete products, technical resources, consistently high environmental performance and a wealth of practical experience within the building industry. “We are committed to creating sustainable value by providing industry-leading products and solutions to satisfy the construction needs of our customers”, Muturi said

Their batching plant, located at Tara road, off Kiambu road, Nairobi – Kenya, is computerized and complimented by a fleet of 12 Concrete Truck Mixers, 2 fixed pumps, 2 boom pumps and one cement bulker, and this confirms Muturi’s words that they are enable to cover any size of application to supply premixed concrete. Muturi said, “Our well-equipped plant has enabled us to remain at the top rank in responding to constructions needs for premixed concrete in Nairobi and its environs”

Muturi pointed out that, there is a need for the construction industry to be educated about the supply of ready mixed concrete, that guarantees consistency in the supply of concrete and frees up space in the construction sites. He said that, the guaranteed supply of quality concrete helps to avoid collapsing of buildings, which has turned out to be common recently, leading to enormous loss of lives and property.

Rhombus boasts great number of mega clients including the SGR project and Two Rivers. It is looking forward to getting several other projects which Muturi said that they are hoping to establish on- site facility to further improve their service to their clients. Muturi added, “The reason as to why we have stood out to be reliable is that, our raw materials are carefully selected and tested to meet specific standards, and, upon delivery of our concrete, we usually conduct crushing test, to assure quality to our client”. According to Muturi, Rhombus is committed to proper utilization of materials, avoiding wastage, through accurate measurement of the required

quantities of material, and compliance to environment conservation standards as opposed to the on-site mixing which makes noise and emits a lot of cement dust.

“IIA- Kenya has been a great breakthrough to us and we are hoping to meet more clients in the platform” Muturi said. He said that the trainings offered by IIA-Kenya will help them conceive credible strategic plans which will enable them to grow and meet the demands of the industry for premixed concrete.

Invest in Africa offered to host a forum for contractors where Rhombus will be the key speakers, so that they can sensitize them on the need for premixes concrete and make business linkages, planning underway. Meanwhile, Rhombus will host October’s Biashara Exchange Tour, where contractors and the construction firm in the Biashara.Now platform will get an opportunity to explore their batching plants.

According to Muturi, they value safety, focus on customers, pursue excellence, work as a team and act with integrity, which he said has really worked for them in ensuring that they are able to satisfy their clients. This is evident from a testimonial by one of their clients; “Rhombus has been efficient in delivering the premixed concrete and they have been delivering it on time. They have been reliable to us, especially because they have been delivering quality concrete which has passed all our quality tests”, said Erick Kituri, a site engineer for CRJE (China Railway Jianchang Engineering Company Limited) East Africa, contracted for the Five Star paradise project along Kiambu Road.