Members of the panel (l-R):  Chris Diaz, Bidco Africa Ltd, Habil Olaka, Kenya Bankers Association and Wangechi Muriuki, IIA Country Director
June 06, 2019


IIA-Kenya Country Director, Wangechi Muriuki moderated a panel discussion on capacity building to enhance access to finance for SMEs during the inaugural Supplier Diversity Summit organized by our partner, the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) through the Gender and Youth Sector Board.

The aim of the summit was to bring together government, private sector and development partners to activate greater supplier diversification in driving inclusive business in Kenya thus ensuring that women, youth and PWD-owned enterprises are accessing procurement opportunities at all levels.

The KEPSA Gender and Youth Sector Board Chairperson, Ms. Eva Muraya, in her opening remarks called on the private sector and development partners to emulate the government and also set aside at least 30 per cent of all their procurement opportunities to women, youth and Persons with Disabilities owned enterprises.

The government in 2012 amended procurement rules to allow 30 per cent of Government contracts to be awarded to women, youth and persons living with disability, under reservation and without competition from established firms, what is now referred to as Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO). Since the initiative was launched, the public sector has embraced supplier diversity, notwithstanding the challenges experienced in its execution. However, very few organizations in the private and development sectors have taken a deliberate step to set aside their procurement budgets and opportunities expressly for the said marginalized groups.

The event was sponsored by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA), Isuzu EA Limited, KCB Group ltd, Kenya Bankers Associations, Johnson & Johnson, Embassy of Ireland and AJIRA Project.