As a biashara.Now Supplier, Tenda-Space allows me to see business opportunities from a range of Buyers across many sectors. I can search for tenders my company can deliver and respond quick and easily directly on the platform.

As a Biashara.Now Buyer, I can upload my RFPs, EOIs and RFQs onto Tenda-Space with a few clicks. I then get validated suppliers responding directly to my company with all the details I need to make a decision on who can deliver the products and services I need

Become a Supplier

  • Promote your business – Display your company to international and domestic buyers across sectors
  • Find opportunities – Access tenders from multiple buyers
  • Save time & money – Reduce the time, effort & cost of pre-qualification


Become a Buyer

  • Access local suppliers – Search within a pool of validated Kenyan businesses
  • Save time & money – Reduce the effort & cost of finding local suppliers to work with
  • Buy locally – Demonstrate commitment to local sourcing and transparency in your procurement

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We know that finding opportunities with Big Businesses is often difficult and time-consuming. This lack of access frustrates many SMEs because working with larger companies is what can help a business scale up and grow.

To help address this frustration, we created Biashara.Now Tender-Space, a buyer-supplier marketplace. Using the platform, Buyers will post tenders and procure goods and services. They will also make available requests for proposals (RFPs), expressions of interests (EOIs) and requests for quotations (RFQs) opportunities, while giving feedback to Suppliers on decisions made.

Biashara.Now Tender-Space is a seamless environment where you find tenders and submit all required documentation through the platform, saving time for businesses.

For Suppliers, the documents that you upload and questions that you answer during registration means you do not have to repeat them for every tender or opportunity for which you apply. So, the more accurate and detailed the information you give in your profile, the easier and quicker it will be for you to respond to, and win tenders.

  • Create your business profile so that prospective Buyers can easily identify your expertise and capabilities

  • Upload once all relevant statutory documents, for example your business registration certificate, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN and tax compliance certificates and CR12

  • End-to-end and statutory documents such as Registration Certificate, KRA PIN and TAX Compliance Certificates; CR12 letter etc. The platform also notifies you when relevant documents are almost out-of-date

  • Respond to tenders, RFPs, EOIs or RFQs seamlessly through the platform

  • Receive SMS and email notifications whenever new tenders and opportunities matching your business category are advertised in Biashara.Now

  • Automatically receive results from Buyers to your submitted responses to opportunities.

  • Communicate directly with a Buyer’s procurement team for clarifications and more details of the opportunities mad available on Biashara.Now Tender-Space

  • Through our financial partner Equity Bank, apply for all your tender-related financing while on APPTender-Space (feature coming soon)

  • Get rated to improve the attractiveness of your business to Suppliers